We are pleased to announce that Cloudstreet has been selected for the 2019 VCE Theatre Studies Playlist (Unit 3).

Malthouse Theatre’s VCE playlisted shows are supported by our award-winning Prompt Packs as well as Post-show forums and a Revisit the Play session. Our programs are designed to offer students and teachers everything they require for a deep engagement and detailed analysis of the production. Book in early to secure your tickets to this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Cloudstreet as a playscript was written in 1998, based on Tim Winton’s celebrated novel. In 2019 director Matthew Lutton brings this play to the stage for a monumental new production, unprecedented in scale and ambition.

Cloudstreet follows the lives of two families – the Lambs and the Pickles – forced to live together in the same haunted house over a 25 year period. Spanning from World War II through to the 1960s, the play weaves their stories of shifting fortunes and relationships to tell a much larger story about life on the outskirts of one of the world’s most isolated cities, in a country that is trying to grow up.

Encounter the epic story of Cloudstreet with the Cloudstreet Experience, where you will see the whole story in one event—with two intervals and a designated area for meal breaks. Suitable for students from Years 9 to 12, Cloudstreet will be an extraordinary and memorable theatrical event.


6 May — 16 Jun 2019

VCE Matinee Performances
10.30am, 14 Tuesday May
10.30am, 15 Wednesday May
10.30am, 21 Tuesday May
10.30am, 22 Wednesday May
10.30am, 28 Tuesday May
10.30am, 29 Wednesday May
2.30pm, 9 Sunday June 

VCE Evening Performances

6.30pm,  8 Wednesday May 
7:30pm, 9 Thursday and 10 Friday May (Cloudstreet Part 1 & 2)
7.30pm, 6 Thursday and 7 Friday June (Cloudstreet Part 1 & 2)
7.30pm, 13 Thursday and 14 Friday June (Cloudstreet Part 1 & 2) 


VCE Matinee performances:

Metro schools / $49 (per student) 
Regional schools / $45 (per student) 
Low ICSEA schools  / $30 (per student)

* The ticket price excludes a meal. Students are asked to bring their own lunches & snacks. There will be two intervals and a designated eating area provided.

Metro students / $27 
Regional & Low ICSEA schools / $25

Accompanying Teachers / FREE (up to 2 per group)
Additional Teachers / 
Cloudstreet Experience / $74 
Cloudstreet Part 1 & Part 2 / $49

Event & ticketing details


Wheelchair Access
Auslan Interpreted
Audio Described

Event notes


POST-SHOW FORUM / with Matthew Lutton

Join Malthouse Theatre’s Artistic Director Matthew Lutton on the Merlyn Theatre stage for an exclusive in-depth exploration of Cloudstreet. Matthew will provide students with a unique insight into the rehearsal process and an examination of how the director’s vision is realised through stagecraft. 

VCE Post-show forum / with Matthew Lutton
3.10pm– 4pm, 14 Tuesday May
3.10pm­­­–­­ 4pm, 15 Wednesday May


Cloudstreet Post-show forum / $15 (per student)
Accompanying Teachers / FREE (up to 2 per group)
Additional Teachers / $15


We offer Revisit the Play sessions in the first week of the September school holidays for Cloudstreet. This is the chance for an extensive revision of Malthouse Theatre’s production of Cloudstreet, with a close analysis of archival footage and facilitated discussions about the play in preparation for the VCE Theatre Studies Written Examination. Bookings can be made through the Revisit the Play page. 

Revisit the Play / Cloudstreet 
11.00am – 1.00pm, Tuesday, 24 Sep


Metro students / $25
Non-metro students / $20
Accompanying teachers free.


Recommended for audiences aged 12+


Contains some adult material.