Malthouse Muses

Image: Pia Johnson


Our Malthouse Muses are our inner circle of philanthropic supporters who intimately share our vision for making theatre that defines our city and our world. Our Muses are our closest friends—so much so, they're basically part of the family.

Why become a Muse?

When you become a Malthouse Muse by making a tax deductible gift of $250+, you support the entire family of artists who work with us to create the future of theatre. You help support:

  • The creation of new Indigenous works
  • New play commissions from emerging Australian theatre makers
  • Nurturing artists through dedicated development programs
  • Education programs, which provide opportunities for students to experience theatre

As a Malthouse Muse, you will receive:

  • Invitations to exclusive Malthouse Theatre events
  • Exclusive behind the scenes access with our Artistic Director and Artistic Team
  • Personal support from our dedicated Development Team
  • Acknowledgement of your support on our website, printed season materials, and in our foyer
  • First notice about all upcoming productions and events, before they are announced to the public
  • First access to tickets for all Malthouse Theatre and partner events, before they go on sale to Malthouse Mates and the public


Your $250+ gift to become a Malthouse Muse is tax deductible.



Andyinc Foundation, Bardas Foundation, Daniel Besen, Circle5 Foundation, Debbie Dadon AM, The Humanity Foundation, Maureen Wheeler AO & Tony Wheeler AO



Canny Quine Foundation, Jennifer Darbyshire & David Walker, Suzanne Kirkham, Richard Leonard & Gerlinde Scholz, Michele Levine, Simone Lourey, Fiona McGauchie & James Penlidis, Mary-Ruth & Peter McLennan, Alison & Peter Mitchell, Janine Tai, The Vera Moore Foundation, Anonymous (2)



John & Lorraine Bates, J Cowen, Gjergja Family, Colin Golvan AM QC & Dr Deborah Golvan, Geoff & Christine Grenda, Christopher Reed, Mary Vallentine AO, Anonymous (1)



Rowland Ball OAM, Bruce Boell & Angela Kayser, Rob & Lynne Burgess, Susanne Dahn, Rev Fr Michael Elligate AM, Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking, Jordana Hunter & Jacob Varghese, Michael Jankie & Vivienne Poznanski, Michael Kingston, Dr Sue Lutton, Elizabeth & Donald McGauchie AO, Lauren Mitchell & Bradley Shawyer, Stephen Mitchell, Sue Prestney & Paul Glen, PRRRH, Viorica Samson, Liz & Chris Schell, Dr Jenny Schwarz, Peter Templeton, Leonard Vary & Dr Matt Collins AM QC, Rosemary Walls, Jon Webster AM, Jan Williams, Anonymous (1)



Monica & Sam Abrahams, Frankie Airey & Steve Solly, Marc Besen AC & Eva Besen AO, Annie Bourke, Darren Clyne & Polly, Nan Brown, Ingrid & Per Carlsen, Carman’s Kitchen, Ros Casey, Min Li Chong, Georgie Coleman, Jason Craig, Mark & Jo Davey, Roger Donazzan, Evelyn Firstenberg, Russell Hooper & Matthew Lutton, Philippa & Dr Robert Karoly, Fiona Kelly, Julie & Michael Landvogt, J Lowther, Ian Manning & Dr Alice De Jonge, Suzanne Mellor & Warren Prior, Dr Kersti Nogeste & Martin Lukas, Dr Francesca Rendle-Short & Judy Horacek, Mike & Jane Rikard-Bell, Robert Sessions AM & Christina Fitzgerald, Lynne Sherwood & the late Tim Sherwood, Maria Solà, Pinky Watson, Phil & Heather Wilson, Anonymous (3)



AJC & MKC, Graham & Anita Anderson, Martin & Toni Armstrong, Michael Arnold, Bathman Family, Peter Berry & Amanda Quirk, Jennifer Bourke, Sally Browne Fund, Anne Bruning, Bruce R Butler, Elise Callander, Michael Ciesielski, Pauline Cleary, Dr Ross Coller, Deb & Dr Barry Conyngham, Anita & Richard Dammery, Natasha Dow, Mark Duckworth PSM & Lauren Mosso, Dr Bronwen Evans, Dr Sian Fairbank, Carolyn Floyd, Taleen Gaidzkar, John & Helen Gibbins, Danielle Giordano & Sideshow Steve, Damyn Gordon, Ibaceta-Lynch Family, Dr Irene Irvine, Dr Michael Jefford, Joan & Graeme Johnson OAM, Irene Kearsey, Ann Kemeny & Graham Johnson, Robyn Lansdowne, Dr Elizabeth Leslie, Cameron Lewis, Dr Justus Lewis, Richard & Janice Lewis, John Millard, Jan Molloy, Sarah Neal, Kaylene O'Neill, Dean Pavitt, Emma Poole, Charlie Powles, Rosemary & Roger Redston, Rohitha Rupesinghe & Mi Fon Lew, Davey Simmons & Pearce Hessling, Tom Smyth, Andrew D N Stocker, Lily Tell & Dr David Lester, John Thomas, Dr Meg Upton, Anonymous (7)



Simon Abrahams, Dr Anthony Bendall, Chris Ahrens & Andrew Brown, Don & Eva Bruce, Jane Allan, Carlien Blackburn, Prue Blackmore, Karen Barfoot, Lesley Bawden, Stewart & Philippa Bell, Nicole Beyer, Chloe Boulton & Stefan Kaufman, Kim Briscoe, Carole & Neil Brownlee, John & Alexandra Busselmaier, Lynette Campbell, MaryAnne Carroll, Rosalinda Casamento, Lyndy Clarke, Fiona Clyne, Connolly-Rodenstein Family, Patrick Conway, Dr Andrea Cook, Josephine Croci, Dr Cunningham & Mr Reid, Lorel Curry, Mim & Phil Curtis, Mrs Dalloway, Alison & Edward Davies, Marita Dunbar, Louise Dunn & Chris Mason, Sarah Dyer, Kerry Elly, Keith & Heather Fagg, Claire Febey, Paula Fernon, Charlotte Flood, Sam Flood, Bill Forrest & Heather Clarke, Fraraccio Family, Iona Goodwin, Monika Goretzki & Jay Whelan, Keith Gow, Marguerite Griffith & Dr Vincent Griffith, Joanne Griffiths, Janet & Craig Haire, Lara Halperin, Sharon & Leon Hanraweiss, James Hardy, Tina Harpman Howard, Damien Hewitt, Nic Holas & Chris Cheers, Abbe Holmes, Robert Hoskin & Henry Gaughan, Dr Dell Horey, Hours After, Sarah Hunt, Nannette Hunter, Rosalind Hustler, Lachlan Hywood, Linda Iles, Rachel & Peter Irons, Carolyn & Keira Jarred, Ed Johnson, David Kelly, Chris Keppel, Alex Kingsbury, Mira & Dr David Kolieb, SL, Don Laird, Carole Lander, Mark Larsen, Rosemary Lever, Dr Mary Lewis, Sandy Lie, Lorraine Mace, Dr Sarah Maddison & Hayley Conway, Fiona Mahony, Stuart Main & Steve Thomas, Maisie, Donald Maloney, C Mason & L Dunn, Michelle Mason, Gin Masters, Susan McKeand Humphries, Susan McLean, Ian McRae AO & Åsa Hasselgard, Denny Meadows & Beth Gaze, Sue Miller-Randle, Steve Milton, Justin & Gail Monjo, Gayl Morrow & Gib Wettenhall OAM, George Morstyn, Barbara Mothersdale, Glenn Munari & Maria O'Shannessy, Dr Anne Myers, Trevor Nathan & Katie Valentine, Patrick Ng & Belinda Lim, Prof Robert Nordlinger, Tim & Linda Norman, Linda Notley, Brad & Tanya O'Connor, Anne O'Donovan AO, Tony Oliver, Vanessa O’Neill, Tim Orton & Barb Dennis, L Pradier, Janet Parr, Sally Paxton & Michael Bachelard, Pinkerton Abbey Family, Richard Piper, Carly Pocock, Gerard Powell, Pritchard Family, Prue & Will Pyke, Jo Renkin & Geoff Hansen, Michael Riordan & Geoffrey Bush, Fay Rice, Anita Roberts, Diana Robertson, Dr Sheryle Rogerson, Dani Rothwell & Greg Paxton, Dr Shelley Rowlands, Kath Rowley, Rob Ryan, Jean Ross, Dr Kate Shaw, Da Sheng, Dr Tim Smyth, Elizabeth Spence, Jenny Stephens & Tony McBride, Peter W Sutton, Georgie Swan, Chris Teh, Dianne Temby, Peter & Lesley Thomas, Ronny Vercauteren, Dr Barry & Margaret Vieira, Dr Marita Walmsley, Walsh Family, Dr Catherine & George Watkins, Peter & Shirley Watson, Penny Ward, Gary Westbrook, Dr David & Julie Whittle, Jo Whyte, M J Williams, Jane & Harriet Wing, Jo Wilson & Chris Broughton, Meg Zerafa, Charles & Stasia Zika, Anonymous (33)

We would also like to gratefully acknowledge those individuals who have chosen to leave us a gift in their Will.

Malthouse Muse donations are recognised for 12 months from the time of donation.


Trusts & Foundations

2021 Supporter Appeal Launch at Butler Lane. Images: Jack Dixon-Gunn