Malthouse Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are a theatre for all. First Nations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability, LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse, migrant and/or refugee communities are strongly encouraged to apply. 

There are no positions currently being advertised—we're a full (Malt)house. 

To apply, click on the job title to read the Position Description and submit an application through our application form.

What information will I need to give you?

The application form requires you to:

  • Enter contact details, including your name, phone number and email address
  • Nominate any access services you wish to use during the application process
  • Upload your responses to the Selection Criteria and/or core competencies of the role, which can be found in the Position Description
  • Upload your CV, plus a cover letter or any other supporting material you wish to include.

Responding to Selection Criteria/Core Competencies

In our recruitment process, we assess candidate's responses to selection criteria and/or core competencies of the role first, before looking at their CV or cover letter. The purpose of this is to allow a 'blind' initial selection, looking only at the candidate's responses rather than at their name, photo, previous places of employment, or any other identifying details that might trigger unconscious bias during the selection process. This is a part of our organisation's Equitable Recruitment Policy.

We highly recommend you copy the selection criteria and/or core competencies from the Position Description and prepare your responses ahead of filling out the recruitment form. You may also want to consider the following when writing your responses:

  • How did you demonstrate the required skill, ability, experience or expertise? Provide examples if you can.
  • If you don't have the required skill, ability, experience or expertise, what translatable skills or experiences do you have that are relevant? How would you learn or upskill in that area if you got the job?
  • Make sure you are responding to the entire selection criteria. For example, if the selection criteria was "Exceptional organisational skills and an ability to manage multiple deadlines and priorities" make sure you respond to both criteria listed.
  • Do not simply write "See my CV" or similar. We may not consider applications with answers like this during the initial selection.


We consider reasonable adjustments for candidates with disability. Please contact or call 03 9685 5149 for more information about the access support we can provide.

The following access services and resources are available:

  • Plain text version (Microsoft Word) of the position description
  • Plain text version (Microsoft Word) of the application form
  • Option for Zoom/online interview with live captioning

We primarily respond to applications and schedule interviews via email. Please indicate in the application form if you prefer another mode of communication.

For access information about our venue, visit or call 03 9685 5111.