Malthouse Bequest Program


If you are interested in honouring a life unconventional, we hope that you will consider remembering Malthouse in your Will.

Our bequest program is entitled Aion, after the deity of eternity. A deity that represents in the Hellenistic culture time unbound and eternal. We believe that the joy of theatre, the joy of the work we do at Malthouse, sits in this mysterious, intangible space. Living in the memories of our audiences and in the minds of the creatives we work with.

Discover more about our bequest program through the drop-down sections below.

Aion is the name of the Malthouse bequest program. A bequest is the act of leaving something in your Will or giving something in your Will to an individual or organisation. Different organisations may use different terminology such as legacy giving or planned giving and may recognise bequests as those that have been realised and those that have been notified.

Below are some common ways that people include a bequest in their Will for a not-for-profit organisation like Malthouse:

  • A percentage of the estate
  • After family and friends have been recognised, the remainder of the estate could be left to a charitable organisation(s), often called the residual of the estate or the residue
  • A specified cash amount
  • A specified asset(s) including but not limited to stocks, property, or artwork collections
  • As an alternative option if a bequest cannot be carried out. For example, an individual beneficiary has passed away and as an alternative the asset then passes to a nominated charitable organisation
  • A bequest with conditions that must be met prior to the bequest being carried out. For example, an estate is retained by a spouse for the duration of their lifetime before it passes to the beneficiaries

Bequests form a vital part of our Supporter Community at Malthouse. A bequest in your Will to Malthouse ensures the survival of our company and the important platform that we provide for the commission, development, and production of new work by Australian writers, actors and creatives who are emerging, experimental, and underrepresented. 

All bequests assist to realise our development pillars of audience access and inclusivity; new theatre; Indigenous voices; artist development; education programs and archive development.

You don’t have to notify us of your intention to leave Malthouse a bequest in your Will. However, we do like to know! This way we can thank you; work with you to recognise your support on our website and invite you to exclusive Aion events. You can also choose to remain anonymous on any publications while still notifying us.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion around your giving intentions, to notify of a bequest or seek advice on amending a Will, please do get in touch.


For more information or a confidential discussion please don’t hesitate to contact:

Lior Albeck-Ripka | Development Manager | 03 9685 5108 |

Aion – Diety of Eternity Members


Visionary individuals who have notified Malthouse of their support to our organisation in their Will.

Simon Abrahams
John & Lorraine Bates
Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking
Nannette Hunter
Valerie Johnstone
Andrew Myer AM & Kerry Gardner AM
Sue Prestney & Paul Glen
Liz & Chris Schell
Gerlinde Scholz & Richard Leonard
Leonard Vary & Matt Collins AM QC
Jan Williams


Realised bequests, with boundless thanks.

Estate of Neilma Gantner