Engine Room Blog


The Engine Room is the research and development arm of Malthouse Theatre.

It’s the structure that holds up our mainstage program, in which the many artists and creatives we employ work together to test out new projects. It's the artist development programs, the script commissions, the workshops, and the experiments. And, its a rolling, messy, unstable conversation about how the future of theatre might work.

Throughout this year, we've kept the fire burning in the Engine Room, so we can be ready with a whole host of new works for our stage when the time is right. Now for the first time, we're unlocking the doors on the creative processes that happen behind the scenes, and letting you hear from the artists we believe are at the cutting edge of new theatre practice.

The new Engine Room Blog will feature essays from our family of artists on the ideas and provocations that inform their work.

This isn’t just how we make theatre—it’s why we make theatre, and what we want the future of theatre to be. And we’re going to take you down that rabbit hole with us.