Back to Back seamlessly, ruthlessly, challenge and unsettle the ways audiences read the veracity—or virtuosity—of the performers.
The Conversation
Pure, open-hearted, complex and breathtaking
Sydney Morning Herald (For Back to Back Theatre's 'Small Metal Objects')
A vital sense-sharpening tonic for theatregoers who feel they’ve seen it all.
New York Times (for Back to Back Theatre's 'Ganesh Versus the Third Reich')

Struggling to work together, three employees grapple with questions of inclusion, identity and intersectionality. Civility slips, bad behaviour escalates and reality distorts. The witching hour is here. Who will be the scapegoat?

Welcome to the workplace at the end of the world.

Back to Back Theatre is a global leader for challenging the assumptions of what is possible on the stage, and in ourselves. For over 30 years, their ensemble of performers has created epic and arresting theatre that weaves together the personal, political, and cosmic.

Known for groundbreaking productions that tour the world—Ganesh Verses The Third Reich, Small Metal ObjectsMULTIPLE BAD THINGS is their latest.

Event & ticketing details

Performance Times

TBC, Tue 4 Jun


Full details announced and pre-sale on 8 February 2024.

Content notes

Please check back closer to the time of performance for an updated list of potentially sensitive content. 

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