'A show that literally had it all, and bared it all'
Scenestr (For Fat Fruit's production of F*ck Fabulous)
'It’s messy, anti-mainstream and raises a glass to the diverse'
A Modern Gay's Guide (For Fat Fruit's production of F*ck Fabulous)
'Sticks up a defiant middle finger to the commodification of queer culture, the policing of bodies, and the rules of what it means to be definably feminine, masculine or anywhere in between'
Time Out (For Fat Fruit's production of F*ck Fabulous)

Release yourself from the capitalistic machine that Christmas has become and enjoy a wild, mutinous, hilarious holiday season celebration. A family of queers, rebels and runaways serving post-punk and anti-capitalist realness, this is an epic Grinchian party like no other. It's time to flip four calling birds to secular traditions and embrace the festive chaos with Fuck Christmas.

Fat Fruit (Sarah Ward & Bec Matthews, Fuck Fabulous) and Director Susie Dee invite you to kick back for a yuletide variety show that agitates the holiday season. Somewhere between a hallucinogenic, camp Christmas fantasy and a perverse, apocalyptic nightmare, Fuck Christmas unwraps our toxic secular addictions and makes room for alternative celebrations. 

Welcome to Fuck Christmas—at last a holiday experience that truly sleighs. 

Key Image: Alexis D. Lea

Susie Dee Headshot

Director /

Susie Dee

Sarah Ward Headshot

Co-Creator & Cast /

Sarah Ward

Bec Matthews Headshot

Co-Creator & Cast /

Bec Matthews

Romanie Harper Headshot

Set & Costume Designer /

Romanie Harper

Gabi Barton Headshot

Group Choreographer & Cast /

Gabi Barton

Jess Love Headshot

Cast /

Jess Love

Wai-Zea Man Headshot

Cast /

Wai-Zea Man

Joh Nyx Headshot

Cast /

Joh Nyx

Nicci Wilks Headshot

Cast /

Nicci Wilks

Seth Sladen Headshot

Cast /

Seth Sladen

Dale Woodbridge Brown Headshot

Cast /

Dale Woodbridge Brown

John Marc Desengano Headshot

Cast /

John Marc Desengano

Monique Aucher Headshot

Lighting Designer /

Monique Aucher

Chris Bennett Headshot

Video Producer /

Chris Bennett

Franca Stadler Headshot

Rigger /

Franca Stadler

Event & ticketing details

Performance Times

7.30pm, Wed 27 Nov
7.30pm, Thu 28 Nov
7.30pm, Fri 29 Nov
6.30pm, Tue — Wed
7.30pm, Thu — Sat
2pm, Saturdays
5pm, Sundays
6.30pm, Tue 3 Dec
7.30pm, Thu 12 Dec

Content notes

Please check back closer to the time of performance for an updated list of potentially sensitive content. 

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