Malthouse Education invites you to experience the Australian premiere of this thrilling new adaptation, as part of the 2024 VCE Theatre Studies Playlist.


The path to freedom is stained by blood…

In this audacious reimagining of Shakespeare, visionary playwright Zinnie Harris merges the classic with the contemporary to interrogate events from Lady Macbeth’s perspective—resulting in an exhilarating epic of manipulation, ambition, and the intoxicating need to challenge the roles others prescribe for you.

Instead of erasing history, Macbeth (an undoing) rewinds and rewatches it through a feminist lens to elevate a previously unheard point of view. It asks us to examine the link between progress and violence (and whether they can ever truly be separated), considers what makes certain narratives more trustworthy than others, and ultimately questions the very nature of fate.

Director Matthew Lutton will craft an epic translation of 11th Century Scotland. A world of stone, mud, blood, rain and mist, where shelter is vital and nature itself is as dangerous as those who inhabit its darkest corners—brought to life onstage by some of Australia’s best theatre designers with the spectacle and innovation you’ve come to expect from Malthouse Theatre.



VCE Theatre Studies Prompt Packs


The Malthouse Theatre provides pre-show and post-show Prompt Packs that explore the script and themes to help the students gain a deeper understanding of the production.






Available here, mid-July 2024





Complementary PDF scripts will be emailed to teachers in early June 2024 (together with Prompt Pack A) to be shared with students for educational purposes only.


If you require advance reading, both paperback and e-book versions of the original Lyceum production are currently available for purchase from various sellers online; please note however the Malthouse script (containing only minor updates from the playwright) will be the definitive version for VCE Theatre Studies.



Dates & Tickets



1pm Tuesday 16 July

1pm Thursday 18 July

1pm Tuesday 23 July

1pm Thursday 25 July



Duration: approx 2 hours 40 minutes (including a 20-minute interval)

+ 30-minute optional Q&A at education matinees





Metro schools / $49 (per student)
Regional & low-ICSEA schools / $35 (per student)
Accompanying teachers / Free (max. 2 per group)
Additional teachers / $59



Post-show Q&A


All education matinees are followed by a Q&A session with the cast facilitated by the Malthouse Theatre Education team.



Revisit the Play


Revisit the Play is our acclaimed digital workshop aimed at preparing students for their VCE Theatre Studies written examination. With production footage excerpts, facilitated analysis and curriculum-focused provocations, this on-demand session in an invaluable revision opportunity for your class. Bookings can be made here.

This workshop will be available from 16 September 2023



Advice for Schools

Recommended for ages 15 and older. This production contains occasional coarse language, staged intimacy, depiction of violence and blood, and references to death or dying.

Full details can be found on Malthouse Theatre’s comprehensive Content Warnings & Additional Information page.

For more information about the play, its script, or curriculum links, please contact Malthouse Education Coordinator, Lyall Brooks at 

For all ticket and booking enquiries, please contact

Zinnie Harris Headshot

Writer, In a new version after Shakespeare /

Zinnie Harris

Matthew Lutton Headshot

Director /

Matthew Lutton

Bojana Novakovic Headshot


Bojana Novakovic

Johnny Carr Headshot

Cast /

Johnny Carr

Tony Briggs Headshot

Cast /

Tony Briggs

Khisraw Jones-Shukoor Headshot

Cast /

Khisraw Jones-Shukoor

Natasha Herbert Headshot

Cast /

Natasha Herbert

Jessica Clarke Headshot

Cast /

Jessica Clarke

Tyallah Bullock Headshot

Cast /

Tyallah Bullock

Rashidi Edward Headshot

Cast /

Rashidi Edward

Jim Daly Headshot

Cast /

Jim Daly

David Woods Headshot

Cast /

David Woods

Dann Barber Headshot

Set & Costume Designer /

Dann Barber

Amelia Lever-Davidson Headshot

Lighting Designer /

Amelia Lever-Davidson

Jethro Woodward Headshot


Jethro Woodward

Lisa Osborn Headshot

Stage Manager /

Lisa Osborn

Rosemary Osmond Headshot

Assistant Stage Manager /

Rosemary Osmond

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