Engine Room Commissions

Malthouse Theatre is a new work company, meaning that we commission and develop a lot of the plays and productions you see on our stage. 

Through the Engine Room, we support artists to make ambitious, engaging, and pertinent new plays, through residencies, workshops, and script commissions. These are developed through the support of our Artistic and Programming team, partner organisations, and a vast array of guest artists. 


So far in 2022, we’ve commissioned new work from Alistair Baldwin, Adrian Chiarella, Zoey Dawson, Bridget Mackey, Racheal Oak Butler, Daley Rangi, Melodie Reynolds-Diarra, Nabilah Said, Harvey Zielinski, and others. 

Not all of these works will end up on our stage, but they’re a vital investment in the artistic vitality of this city, and central to our mission to be a counterpoint to the mainstream, championing artistic and cultural diversity, and seeking out alternative points of view. 

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