Connecting With Us

Malthouse Theatre collaborates with local and international artists to create inventive performances that cut to the core of the human experience. Our work explores the world, personally, socially and politically to provoke a dialogue with and within audiences.

Our Artistic & Programming are always on the lookout for new and established voices who might be a good fit for us. We are proactive programmers, keeping track of what independent artists are making, so that our work, practices, and programs can sit at the forefront of contemporary practice.

Here the main ways to get yourself on our radar.


We appreciate writers, directors, designers and theatre-makers reaching out to introduce themselves and their work to us. E-mail us at, and tell us about you and what you do.

Email is the most professional way to go – keep social media social.



Seeing live work is a great way for us to know who you are and what you make. We may not always be able to get there, but we will make every attempt to send one of our team, given good notice. Three weeks in advance is optimal. Send an invitation to and we will circulate it to the relevant staff.



Showcast is the main database we use for seeking out actors, so it helps us if you’re on that database. You or your agent will be able to maintain your profile, update your credits and showreel, and be easily searchable.

This is not essential for working with us, we just recommend it.



For writers, directors, designers and theatre-makers, artist websites are a huge asset for showcasing who you are and what you do. There are plenty of free or low-cost options for making a simple, functional website that features key projects you’ve made and an easy way to contact you. (And then just make sure you update it every once in a while).



If you believe you have a unique proposal which has a strong affinity with our artistic vision, you are welcome to send a two-page treatment to

If you’re submitting a script, please include a one-page synopsis and a short bio to give us some context.

We receive an enormous number of proposals, and with limited resources, we aren’t able to give you feedback about your work. If we do see a possible connection with Malthouse Theatre we will contact you.