Besen Writers & Dramaturgs Group


The Besen Emerging Writers Group and—new this year—Emerging Dramaturgs Group are two artist development programs bringing together a small cohort of storytellers to explore their craft of writing or dramaturgy for live performance. Offshoots of the Besen Family Artist Program, they are designed to support emerging and early career writers and dramaturgs in developing their craft, exploring technical skills, and building their artistic networks. 

The two programs are structured as a series of regular group sessions, where participants are mentored by New Work Manager Bernadette Fam. The two programs occur alongside one another and will culminate in a final intensive where the writers and dramaturgs will have the opportunity to work with each other. 

Meet the 2023 Besen Emerging Writers & Dramaturgs

'I am proud to be able to welcome this group of ​dynamic artists to Malthouse. Already, our sessions have been filled with insightful discussion, skills exchange, and artistic rigour. These artists have come from a vast array of storytelling practices that they have brought generously into the room—which has me thrilled for the future of our stages. Investment in the development of our local storytellers is paramount in ensuring a transformative and innovative sector so thank you to the generous support of the Besen Family Foundation and Debbie Dadon AM without whom these programs would not be possible.'

Bernadette Fam / New Work Manager

Dax Carnay (she/they) Headshot

Dax Carnay (she/they)

Noah daCosta (he/him) Headshot

Noah daCosta (he/him)

Gurmeet Kaur (she/her) Headshot

Gurmeet Kaur (she/her)

Emmanuelle Mattana (she/they) Headshot

Emmanuelle Mattana (she/they)

Sashi Perera (she/her) Headshot

Sashi Perera (she/her)

Amarantha Robinson (she/her) Headshot

Amarantha Robinson (she/her)

Dion Williams (he/him) Headshot

Dion Williams (he/him)

Dasha Tan (they/them) Headshot

Dasha Tan (they/them)

Amarachi Logo (she/her) Headshot

Amarachi Logo (she/her)

Marjan Mesbahi (she/her) Headshot

Marjan Mesbahi (she/her)

Medha Aich (she/her) Headshot

Medha Aich (she/her)

Jamila Main (they/them) Headshot

Jamila Main (they/them)

The Besen Family Artist Program and Writers & Dramaturgs Groups are proudly supported by the Besen Family Foundation and Debbie Dadon AM.