Very freaky, very scary, very erotic.
The Guardian (For the film adaptation of 'Under the Skin')
Allowed us to view ourselves with fresh eyes.
Rolling Stone (For the film adaptation of 'Under the Skin')
Under the Skin certainly will get under yours.
Indie Wire (For the film adaptation of 'Under the Skin')

From the studio that created the award-winning films Everything Everywhere All At Once and Moonlight, and cult classics Hereditary and Spring BreakersA24 had its breakthrough 2013 hit with Under The Skin starring Scarlett Johansson.

An otherworldly woman, Isserley, embarks on a mysterious mission to hunt hitchhiking men for sustenance. She’s skilled at it, very skilled, but her perspective begins to shift as she learns more about why she’s been sent to hunt.

Adapted from the Michel Faber novel, Under the Skin is an ambitious, highly technical collaboration between acclaimed writer Pamela Carter and Malthouse Theatre Artistic Director Matthew Lutton.

In an extraordinary synthesis of performance and technology, featuring live motion capture and digital creature design, audiences are transported into a reality where we are not earth’s apex predator—and in turn—are invited to think deeply about the beauty of the world in which we walk.

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