Nicola Gunn’s theatre is tantalizing, entertaining, ridiculous and often bewildering in the best possible way
Herald Sun (For Nicola Gunn's 'Piece For Person And Ghetto Blaster')
Intricate and often brilliant
The Age (For Nicola Gunn's 'Piece For Person and Ghetto Blaster')
[Nicola Gunn] combines performance, art and anthropology like no other artist.
Daily Review (For Nicola Gunn's 'Piece For Person and Ghetto Blaster')

Unpack Nicola Gunn’s personal fantasy of being a French actress—despite being categorically not French.

In a surreal comedic encounter, the aspiring French actress quarrels with a Japanese film director and their interpreter about how to translate a script of a complex mother-daughter relationship to the screen. Their different points of view spiral into riveting and confounding misunderstandings, and the power of who is doing the translating is paramount.

Apologia fuses comedy with awkward attempts to express ourselves and communicate across boundaries. Armed with her signature bold and candid approach, Nicola Gunn (Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster) confronts having your voice translated by others.


Nicola Gunn

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TBC, Tue 13 Aug


Full details announced and pre-sale on 8 February 2024.

Content notes

Please check back closer to the time of performance for an updated list of potentially sensitive content. 

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