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Our final show for Season 2017 may have come to a close, but the building has been abuzz with artist development programs and new works in the making.

We've welcomed four new collaborative teams into the building as part of the Co.Lab Writer + Director Program, cooking up concepts for their next big project. Through the support of the Copyright Agency, we're able to invest in the thinking, dreaming and talking time that we all know is essential to making truly adventurous work; the space to get totally lost in ideas and indulge your curiosity before facing off against the tyranny of the blank page or the bare stage.


Anna Barnes + Petra Kalive

Alison Croggon + The Rabble (Kate Davis and Emma Valente)

Zachary Dunbar + Katy Maudlin

Blake Osborn + Mick Klepner Roe

We've been talking about the Melbourne theatre that has made an impact on us or those around us, and sharing points of inspiration. That's everything from Dynasty and Bob Katter to Adrienne Rich and Shirin Neshat.

Out of this week the teams will each create a 'project treatment' – an alternative format for articulating a work, embracing the idea that creating a great work of theatre is not just about the script on the page, but an interplay of form, content, process, collaborators and context.

Meanwhile, on Monday nights, a cluster of playwrights have been gathering around a table each week with our dramaturgical team to share ideas around craft. A component of the Besen Family Artist Program, the Besen Writers group is about building pathways for playwrights to connect with the mainstage. Over five weeks we've been reading scripts, theories, manifestos and provocations, as well as writing our own micro-plays that break all the rules around what we think makes up a good play. From all of the reading, watching and chatting with writers that we do all year, wehand pick four writers whose voices we're excited about to join us around the table.


This year's group was Ra Chapman, Jessica Knight, Kit Lazaroo & Nikki Tran—a fabulous mix of wild imagination and seriously talented writing across a range of mediums. These are four writers to watch!



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