Malthouse Greenlight

Malthouse Theatre lives its values onstage and off-stage; we are committed as a company and as individuals to holistic sustainability.

We are implementing immediate and long-term strategies to reduce our carbon emissions, curb unnecessary energy use, improve the energy efficiency of our work practices, upgrade our work environment and we are working with Arts Victoria to improve our infrastructure.

On stage, we’re supporting artists who address the realities of climate change in their artistic practice. Fantastic and thought-provoking works are now in development.

We’re also interested in facilitating the conversation of how to adapt our culture and social traditions around a changing climate. We wish to embolden our community to raise its voice about these issues: performance allows us to imagine and interact with the full spectrum of human possibility. It allows us to picture a different and better world – and to show that it can be one of our own making.

Plans for the Future

The Greenlight team at Malthouse Theatre is a group of staff volunteers, spearheading the company’s sustainability policies and actions. Recently the group undertook a survey of all staff to brainstorm ideas to improve sustainability practices in the workplace. From these survey results, we’ve assembled an action plan that will guide us over the coming years. Additionally, we’ve asked each staff member to take ownership for an initiative of their own, creating a bit of friendly workplace competition along the way to achieving our goals.

We’re strengthening our vision and our practices through better partnerships in both business and community, local and not so local. We’ve done a bit of research – we’re happy to share what we know and would love to learn from others.

If you’re interested in sharing with us, please email us.

  • Malthouse Theatre is committed to decreasing our energy use by 60% from 2011 levels by 2015.
  • We are committed to monitoring and reporting our energy usage and corresponding carbon footprint in our Annual Report.
  • We are committed to measuring and reporting on key social impacts – both positive and negative (i.e. patrons, volunteers, community hub, community education, how many people we employ/give opportunities to, wellness to staff etc.)
  • Alongside Arts Victoria, we are committed to making environmentally sound improvements to our building
  • We are committed to recycling as much of our waste as possible. This will be measured and reported.
  • We are committed to encouraging awareness of environmental issues through our productions and events (i.e. Limited Editions, Opening Night Parties, Donor Events, Touring Shows and other events.)
  • We are committed to valuing our social and environmental contributions and/or impacts on par with the economic ones as will be demonstrated throughout our activities and reporting.
Accomplishments so far…
  • Our foyer and auditoria lights have been upgraded with LED technology, reducing power consumption by 75% per bulb, while our old light bulbs have been recycled.
  • We have invested in rechargeable microphone battery kits instead of using new batteries for every performance, reducing the environmentally damaging waste from discarded batteries.
  • We are actively monitoring our energy consumption with an Eniscope, so that we can adjust and improve our energy efficiency.
  • We continue our behavioural changes: recycling more products (including paint, steel and e-waste) and turning off electrical equipment when not in use.
  • New procurement strategies are now in place so we buy ecologically and ethically sound products where we can.
  • After a hugely successful launch of the initiative in 2010, Malthouse Theatre remounted Happiness in 2011. This performance making project explores the theme of climate change through the use of theatrical process; it will be toured to a number of Victorian regional cities and towns throughout 2012.
  • And we have commissioned a new work tackling the topic of climate change from Torque Show, in conjunction with our partners Tipping Point Australia and the Dara Foundation.